Engineered beyond custom.

At HIGH LEVEL ENTERPRISES we believe you don’t have to settle for limited customization. Each vehicle is Engineered to perfectly align with your business from functionality, to floor plan to the materials used. Never Compromise your vision. HLE will build your business…on wheels.

High Level Enterprises produces secure prison system transport units as well as mobile full-functioning medical treatment clinics. We also build executive bathroom event trailers, professional kitchens, and other specialty units. Ready to take a look? Click here.

We guide clients through the process from concept creation to engineering, to final design. Our seasoned fabricators custom-build mobile units and specialized fleets to meet the needs of any industry.

Custom Built Mobile Units

Our team designs and builds the best top-quality offices, clinics, command units, and other mobile facilities. Furthermore, our staff is made up of the best talent in the industry and chooses quality over quantity. We provide a safe work environment that is founded with a hard-work culture made up of several highly skilled and experienced craftsmen and women.

“We are an experienced, lean machine where we take the time to build the custom quality unit that people can count on.”

– Brandon Maynard, General Manager

Look at Our custom mobile spaces

Take a closer look at some of our custom motorized and trailer units. Note, we supply mobile units for government agencies, medical organizations, prison systems, event venues, and more.

Click the View Gallery button or go to our Custom Built Units page to see more details of some of the professional mobile buildings we’ve manufactured.

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HLE DBE Statement

High Level Enterprises is actively pursuing vendors who qualify as DBE’s to supply parts and services at competitive prices. We are expanding oppurtunities to businesses that qualify. You must have proof of certification, be reliable and have good financial standing. Parties that are interested please contact: Jerry Casto at

The current DBE goal for FY2024 for High Level Enterprises is 3.79%