Emergencies can happen at any time

One of the most important lessons you learn in life is that happen at any time and anywhere. Getting help to those emergency situations used to be tough and costly.

To fill that emergency vehicle void, High Level Enterprises Inc., has developed a wide variety of emergency vehicles that can bring the aid to those emergency situations.

Built in Elkhart, Indiana, these emergency vehicles are some of the world’s best. Plus, our company offers a full range of mobile units so all sectors of emergency industries can be prepared for unexpected problems.

Mobile specialty vehicles in Elkhart, IN

When you want to obtain a specialty vehicle for your city’s fire department, police department, medical complexes, and more, High Level Enterprises is the business to contact. Located in Elkhart Indiana, our company has access to all points of the nation to ensure timely delivery.

We are not limited to just law enforcement specialty vehicles. We make a variety of these vehicles to make sure their fellow citizens have the resources when it counts. Here are the vehicles this company builds for you:

  1. Custom Mobile Police & Fire Commad Units- serious equipment for serious situations. These vans include state-of-the-art equipment, solar power, and much more
  2. Mobile Medical Office & Treatment Center- these vans are designed to ensure that your healthcare facility provides top-level medical and clinical care
  3. Food trucks & Container kitchens- Food-grade quality equipment is always included in this package. Plus, the chassis is one of the strongest you can find for this level of van.
  4. Prison Transport Units- custom-designed to meet your prisoner transportation needs. These units take security to the next level so you do not lose a prisoner en route to their destinations.
  5. Mobile Drug Treatment Centers- to handle the influx of people in need of drug-related help our drug treatment vans have waiting rooms, an office, exam room, as well as a safe to keep drugs and sensitive files secure
  6. MobileClassrooms and Team Offices- there will be times when you need a mobile unit to help teach classes. Our modified classroom trailers ensure that your students have a very safe and secure environment to study in and learn.
  7. Sprinter VanRVs & Limos- even top-level executives like to travel in style. Our limos and sprinter vans ensure that those VIPs get extra special comfort and treatment.

Full Service Graphics Department- is on hand to help design your vehicle wraps, lettering, and other graphic needs.

All of these vehicles are fully equipped and designed to handle all situations your city encounters. Plus, they are available for both private and public service enabling all sectors of these industries to handle their duties in state-of-the-art vehicles.

Mobile specialty vehicles’ price

The bottom line is very important for any budget. That is why we offer a free consultation with every potential customer. In these consultation meetings, we ask a lot of questions to understand what you need inside these specialty vehicles.

These custom-built vehicles are built to your specifications to make sure you are getting exactly the space and design you need to handle all the problems your city or company faces. We will provide you with our advice based on decades of experience building these types of vehicles.

All prices vary depending on the type of construction, design work, and materials needed to construct your custom-made specialty vehicle. The best thing to do is call us today and talk to our experts to get a free estimate of the overall cost of the vehicle you need.

Mobile medical vehicles for sale

This is just one of our more popular specialty vehicles for sale. It is divided into two parts and the mobile medical van can include a shower, medical examination offices, and even a space for dental work.

Our medical vans are custom-made to fit your community’s medical needs. Plus, there is enough space inside to hold the medications in secured cabinets. The best thing to do is download our brochure to see what can be done for you.

There are used mobile medical vans for sale but why buy someone else’s problems and spend money you do not have to repair it? The best way to get a top-quality mobile medical van is to buy a new one.

While the price is right for those used units, the lifespan may not be as great as it would be with a new vehicle. In the areas your van may be traveling, a new van may handle the wear and tear a lot easier than a used one.

But if budget constraints are a problem, talk to us and see what we can do for your financial picture.

Mobile specialty vehicles for sale

This is our business and we have over 61 years of combined specialty vehicle construction experience. When you want a top-notch specialty vehicle, no matter its emergency purpose, then talk to us.

We know what you want and can guide you through the process to make sure you are not spending more than you need to for first-rate equipment and design features.

Our specialty vehicles are made from the best construction materials and our work ethic is second to none. Our expertise ensures our clients that they are getting exactly what they are paying for.

Check our custom-built units web page to see what can be done for you and your community’s needs.

When your city or organization needs to act quickly and handle emergency situations on-site, call us. Our top professionals have years of experience and can help you find the right vehicle, design, and equipment for your intended emergency purposes.

All it takes is one phone call to get the ball rolling. Using our experience and know-how, we can guide you through the whole process to make sure you leave with the van you want.

Being ready for an emergency is being very prudent and practical so get the best option available at the best price.