What is difference between E350 and E450?

The first difference you can see is that the E350 is smaller than the E450. The latter vehicle is the largest of all E-series vehicles Ford produces. The next easiest difference to spot is that the E350 is usually reserved for smaller cargo or passenger transport.

The E450 is reserved for more heavy-duty commercial purposes but both models come with the same configurations that include passenger and cargo vans, cutaway, and chassis cab designs.

Then another big difference comes in the towing department. The E350 is only capable of towing up to 10,000 pounds, while the E450 can tow up to 14,000 pounds. This big difference prompts trailer owners to go with the larger and more powerful van.

What engine is in the Ford E450?

In more recent years Ford has installed the same two engines in both the E350 and E450. These two engines are the 6.2L SFI V8 FFV 331 @ 5,500 rpm 356 @ 4,000 rpm Six-speed automatic & the 6.8L EFI Triton V10 305 @ 4,250 rpm 420 @ 3,250 rpm Six-speed automatic.

Both engines are very good. Answering the question if the Ford E-350 a good engine? Ford has been known to make some very good engines and these two are some of the best motor options you can find.

Both engines handle the payload capacities of these two vans. The payload ranges from 5000 to 9000 pounds with the E450 being able to carry the heavier loads. The E350 maxes out at just over 7000 pounds

Is the E450 a V10?

Yes, and no. Ford has designed two engines for this model of van. There are the 8-cylinder and the 10-cylinder models mentioned above. The V8 is able to handle a combined gross weight limit of 18,000 pounds while the V10 can handle up to 22,000 combined pounds.
The wheelbase for this model is either 158 inches or 176 inches long. At least you do get some choice when looking for a medium to heavy-duty van to handle your workload.

Ford e350 450 price

The new 2024 prices are out now and their base prices are $33,520 for the E350 and $35,745 for the E450. How much these two vans will cost after features, etc., are added is up to you.

Used prices will be fairly high depending on the dealer you talk to, its year and what features are inside. Some of the E450s are going for almost $75,000 but those are for more recent models.
The E350s can sell for as little as $10,000 approx. And go as high as $45,000+ approx.

The Ford E-series van you buy will depend on your purpose. Both vehicles are well-built, have good lifespans, and have top engines under the hood. The biggest decision you may have to make is what price are you willing to pay. Some older models are very reasonably priced and have a lot of life left in them. They will just need regular maintenance to continue running.