Security is a must

One of the elements to look for in a prison transport unit is how secure it is. Not only to protect the prisoners from harm in case of an accident but also for the safety of the corrections officers.

Here at High-Level Enterprises, we take security seriously. Our prison transport units are very safe for all inside and very secure. No harm should come to the corrections officers in the cab, nor should the prisoners be harmed when the transport is not completed under ideal conditions.

Our years of building these prison transport units have taught us many lessons. That is information we readily employ when we are constructing your unit. Plus, we are not about making as many prison transports as we can.

We take our time and make sure each unit is built to our safety and security standards as well as meet all government regulations for these units.

What is inside our prison transport units?

Each step of the construction process is carefully planned and executed. Our professional builders take extra steps to ensure that each component of our prison transport units is built correctly and with quality craftsmanship. Here is what you get

#1. Cargo van inserts

These inserts transform any cargo or passenger van into a heavy-duty prison transport van. These inserts are strong and built with the finest materials available.

Plus, they come in a variety of sizes so your new prison transport unit can hold a good number of inmates at one time. In addition to that, these cargo van inserts can keep the inmates separated from the corrections officers.

The officers are in no danger at any time. Depending on your transport needs, a separate seat can be built to house those inmates who need special protection.

The cost for these vans varies and depends on the design and length of the cargo van insert.

#2. Prison transport unit accessories

These units can be plain Jane styled but in those hot weather states it pays to include some Air conditioning to help maintain inmate health. Our company not only can install a top-quality AC unit to keep the transport area nice and cool, but it also offers a variety of accessories to maintain safety for all involved.

Plus, we carry spare parts when the transport unit gets damaged. Check out our accessory lineup to see which ones will benefit your location and work the best.

#3. Special features

Transporting prisoners is not like the old days when you put them in the back of a wagon and chained them with heavy chains. Those days are long gone and getting your prisoners safely to your destination involves some special features.

Our build team can include in their construction special features like camera systems. It pays to keep an eye on what is going on behind you. Our cameras come with high resolutions and can focus on trouble very quickly.

Another special feature is our secure area for firearms. No prisoner should be able to get to the corrections officer’s guns at any time. These security areas are tough to break into and should survive a tough crash.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the special features, we can include in your prison transport unit. Talk to us today about all of our features and how they can serve your needs.

Every prison transport system is custom-built

This is how we stand out from the competition. Your prison transport is custom-built to your specific transport needs. In addition to that, we can also fit our cages to a variety of vehicles as small as a Ford 350 to a Freightliner S2C.

Flexibility and versatility are our motto and with our custom-building process, we can build the perfect transport for your city or county. This custom construction includes the prisoner area as well.

We can fabricate a simple steel cage for a complex transport bus. Then, the materials we use are very tough and strong. In many cases, we use 9-gauge steel expanded metal as well as steel tubing and angle iron.

There should be no weak spots left in our prison transport units once we are done building yours. In addition to that strength, we also use tamper-proof fasteners, or we can weld them in place It is up to you how we put your prison transport together.

Also, our custom work includes steel caging around key areas like heaters, AC units, emergency escape hatches, and even shackle D rings. Your prison transport unit will be more secure than an armored car.

The good thing about custom building your prison transport unit is that we can add as many features as possible that can be added safely to the vehicle. This includes exterior bars over the windows, and interior steel cage metal to cover windows, and they can be painted to match the color of the unit.

All of these features can be welded in place or secured by tamper-proof screws.

Why call us?

One of the best reasons we can give is that we make our prison transport units one at a time and according to what you want to see in these units. Then we are very flexible and versatile as we can build your transport unit to the size you need.

Large or small, we’ve got you covered, and we can work with you so that all your components are included in the design and eventual construction. With all that, we can do a lot more.

Special orders do not upset us, and we can add a variety of special features to ensure your inmates and corrections officers are safe and secure. We have assembled a great team of experts to work with you when it comes to design and components.

They are ready to work with you so call us today. We are High Level Enterprises and we custom build every vehicle we make. Our prices are affordable as well.