Our name says it all

When you contract with our company to build your next or new prisoner transport, you are getting a unit that is made from top-quality materials as well as high-level craftsmanship.

We do not make cookie-cutter prison transports nor do we make many models every week. All of our prisoner transport units are made to meet our customer’s needs. Plus, we build them to fit the vehicle our customers have chosen for their highly respected duties.

With our central location, we can get the newly completed vehicle to your location very easily and without losing any time. We are located in Elkhart, Indiana so we are easy to visit as well.

All of our units are custom-built

This manufacturing strategy is effective in two ways. First, our customers get the Prison transport they want and need. Second, we have an unlimited amount of design and accessory options we can utilize to fulfill those requirements.

What is more, we are not rushing to produce a high quantity of prison transport units. We understand that each corrections department has different needs. A cookie-cutter design would not work for everyone.

Instead, we custom design and build each model specifically for our customers. This may take a little longer but you get the right prison transport unit for your prisoner transport duties with the best accessories for your area.

That means you are getting more bang for your buck and you can transport your prisoners with peace of mind knowing this unit is built to your expectations.

The type of accessories included:

As we said, we custom design all our prison transport units so it is possible to include some much needed accessories. Here are some of the accessories we can provide and incorporate into the design you need. However, not all accessories will work with all models of vehicles available to use for this project.

#1. Heavy duty accessories

  1. Steel caging for heaters and air conditioners
  2. Heating and cooling units
  3. 9-gauge expanded steel plus angle iron and bars
  4. Welded bars for exterior sides of windows
  5. Interior cage designs for windows
  6. Tamper-proof fasteners or welded in place options
  7. Tamper proof screws
  8. Segregated prisoner areas
  9. Venting systems that are high quality and made from high-grade components and materials
  10. Access steps, both side and rear options for easy entrance and exits to and from the prisoner section
  11. Trim kits for the replacement of damaged parts
  12. Prisoner locking storage, placed under the seating design
  13. Prisoner seat dividers
  14. Cargo barriers to secure any clothing or other personal items for your prisoners or corrections officers
  15. Door panels for added protection and safety for correction officers and prisoners
  16. Partition cages to separate volatile or vulnerable prisoners from regular ones
  17. Rear prisoner seats for low occupancy transfers
  18. Prisoner transport packages
    And more

#2. Other accessories

  1. Video camera systems that give you a 360-degree view of the interior and what is happening outside
  2. Monitors- both wireless and wired options
  3. Intercom systems for easy and fast communication
  4. Back-up beepers- to let others know you are moving in the reverse direction
  5. Exterior lights for when you are traveling after or before daylight hours, plus LED back up lights for darker areas
  6. Food traps for safe feeding of the prisoners and removal of any garbage etc.
  7. Digital recorder kits to keep the day’s activities on file for future use
  8. Transport door activation buzzer- it lets you know when the door is open
  9. Door lock options and prisoner dome lights
  10. Thermometer option to control the temperature levels in the prisoner and other transport areas
  11. And more

These are just some of the accessories you can get when you contract your next prisoner transport unit with our company. As we said, we custom design and build each prisoner transport so many if not all of these options can be incorporated into your design.

When you are ready to talk to our design specialists, make sure to have a good idea of what you want to include in your custom-built prisoner transport unit. Do not forget to think about what you need for the officers driving and riding in the unit.

Our prison transport accessories prices

This is the beauty of building custom prison transports. You can select or reject any accessory due to your build budget. You can go first class and get all the accessories but that will be expensive.

Or you can pick and choose which accessories you include in your design. All accessories are individually priced and are available at this time. To give you an idea of the cost of these accessories, some are priced as low as $60 and as high as $4000.

When you talk to our design team, you can get specific prices for each accessory. There are many options for the accessories so you can save a little by selecting more inexpensive ones over the high priced options.

The final cost will depend on the total number of accessories you want included in your prison transport. Your area of the country may help you select which accessories you need to include as well as the type of prisoners you will be transporting, and the type of vehicle you want to use.

When you want the best and safest results, you come to us to outfit your prison transport with all the right accessories.

Some additional words

When you come to High Level Enterprises for your prisoner transport unit needs, you are coming to a company that has over 70 years of combined experience in building custom transport vehicles.

Our company has been making all types of custom-built vehicles for a variety of purposes and prison transport units are one of our specialties. We go first class with these units as we know your corrections officers’ safety is of the utmost importance.

The prison transport units you buy from us will meet every need for safety and protection for all inside the vehicle. When you want the best, you come to us, High Level Enterprises.